August 12, 2015

ASWB Registration

One of the first big hurdles that must be overcome in becoming a licensed social worker is the ASWB registration process. A person must register for the exam with ASWB before making an appointment to take the exam.

During the approval process, ASWB will check to see if the person is eligible for the exam. Eligibility depends on education, work experience, and what the specific jurisdiction requires of its social workers. Because every jurisdiction has different requirements, one should check with the state social work exam board before registering for the exam.

Registration for the ASWB exam can be accomplished through phone, fax, mail, or online. The fee for the exam is $175, and there are extra charges for the purchase of practice exams or a study guide. During the ASWB registration process quite a few questions must be answered. The required information includes first and last name (as it appears on the person’s driver’s license), contact information, social security number, the jurisdiction, exam requested (bachelor’s, master’s, advanced generalist, or clinical), primary language, gender, date of birth, academic degrees earned, school codes from where degrees were earned, present work position, and special testing arrangements if needed.

If a person meets the requirements of the jurisdiction, registration will be accepted, and ASWB will send an authorization letter with a code that allows scheduling of the licensing test. This authorization letter must be taken to the test site on test day.

If ASWB does not accept registration, one should contact the social work licensing board to review his or her qualifications and discuss possible options.

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